Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bigfoot Management

The current disaster of a project I talked a bit about earlier is now temporarily on hold, I almost hope that the whole thing will fall apart since that would make a great story for years and years to come.

We have also had some new people joining the company so I might as well introduce them as well. First we have Mr. Chin that joined on management level (which means directly on top of me...), I am still working on figuring that man out. Most distinguishing feature is, as the name indicates, a huge underbite. On a junior level we have also had Mr. Chin Jnr join. He seem pretty relaxed and smart, however, he also has a huge underbite. Apart from that likeness, those two guys seem pretty different.

Anyway, I introduced these two new people into my gallery of characters since it has some relevance to the latest humoristic escapades in the office.

With the previous project put on hold, we are now running a different project that is outside the core of what we usually do. This means that it gets much much more difficult since we basically have no idea what we are doing in the beginning and we have to learn everything about the market dynamics etc. On top of this Mr. Chin is supposedly managing this project and our work as his first real project. He has a very interesting managing technique that intrigues me a lot and also inspires me, it basically consists of not answering questions, generally staying away and when we actually reach him he give very vague answers that are not helpful.

I think this management technique is called "Bigfoot Management" - we have heard that someone is managing the project, but no one has really seen any management, there are rumours flying around and people claim to have experienced some managing, but there is no solid evidence of this. We will continue to investigate this and I might have reasons to come back to this later.

Also, please take note that the "WHATEVER Managing" technique is very much compatible with the "Bigfoot Management" style. It could actually be the ultimate combination.

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