Monday, April 30, 2007

All aboard the love blog

Earlier in a post I laid out a small gallery of characters who populate my office environment for your entertainment. Some of you might have felt teased by my description of Mr. M, the non-kissed guy, and you might have noticed that he has not populated any of the tales I have spun here since. Well wait no longer, I have something good for you.

There are some major changes going on inside the madhouse where I happen to work, the biggest is the departure of one of the founders, Mr. J, and that whole affair deserves a post later on which revels in the details on how this came to be, but that is such a story that I will leave it for a later date. However, considering that Mr. J is one of our main sources of comedy inside the company, some of my colleagues became a little worried about the entertainment level of the office. During a lunch, in which I, for reasons I cannot recall now, was not present, Luke and several other colleagues boxed Mr. M in and somehow convinced him that he should start a in-house company blog detailing the women he meets and how his quest to do something (*anything*) with them progresses.

The fact that Luke tried to make him do this is funny enough in its own right, but the best part was that Mr. M agreed to do this... So, now there is a blog open for selected members of the firm (me included) that eagerly follows and comments on his escapades. In pure entertainment value I would say that his blog surpasses mine by far. I believe that he is somewhat aware of the fact that he is being made fun of, but I think that this is countered by his need for attention which this amazing blog can provide him.

So far we have had the chance to comment and give our recommendations on several girls he has met and the funny thing is that he seem to meet a lot of girls but somehow always fails miserably before he can "close the deal".
Now he seem to be working on a girl that might give some form of payout and we closely follow this development. I find it especially entertaining that he gladly posts private correspondance and messaging between him and the girl for all of us to see without her knowing. The fun never ends!


Mr Outlandish said...

Is mr M - Japaneese or something else? Is he trying to date Japanese girls or something else?

Mr. Salaryman said...

I have to admit that I am tempted to say "something else" and "something else" as answer, but that would not be a nice way to treat a reader.
Mr. M is Japanese-american and I think he's willing to date anything but since he's in Japan now Japanese women seem to be the main victims...

Mr. Salaryman said...
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