Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gambling with Love...

Things are getting exciting now... Mr. M will soon leave for a short vacation to New York where a girl he has been mentioning a lot in the wonderful "love blog" I talked about in the previous post is waiting for him... Among the faithful readers of his blog, which I am obviously a part of, this has sparked heated interest and speculation. This could be the best shot for him to get something done in a long time. The fact that his mother will also be there with him for a some of the time puts a wet blanket over his opportunities, but she will not be watching over him all the time...

Now The Hag (whom I will introduce at the end of this post) took the great initiative and created a bet around any action possibly occuring in New York for him in which I gladly participated. The categories defined were as folllows:

0 - No action
1 - Holding of hands
2 - Kissing
3 - Oral sex
4 - Full-blown intercourse

Now, being the positive and loving soul that I am actually betted on "4", but it was only me that saw the situation in such positive light. Partially because I think he actually seem to have a decent shot at the big league, but partly wishful thinking since I actually think that getting this out of the way would make him more pleasant to work with and generally be around...

Now, as for the promised introduction, The Hag is a Japanese-American from Hawaii (one could argue that it technically could count as part of Japan) in her early twenties in a junior position and she's a strong supporter for Nintendo products (notably the Wii and the DS).
When she is in a good mood she's a great person to be around, to say that she wears her emotions on her sleeve is to say it lightly. One look at her and you can clearly see what mood she is in. Thankfully she's often in a good mood and it's anyway always nice with someone who doesn't hide the emotions. When something amusing has happened to her and she regales the tale for us in the office the delivery is often more entertaining than the actual storie since it often involves her physically reenacting the amusing event due to her enthusiasm. At one specific time involving a story with a man wearing an apron with balls attached to it or something like that, I've forgotten the actual content. The delivery remains though. Unfortunately the part of the work related to working in the land of harmony gets to her more than most of us.
Intentional Amusement Level (1-10): 7.5
Un-intentional Amusement Level (1-10): 3


Anonymous said...

If you really want Mr. M to be pleasant to work with. Wouldn´t it be easier just to give him a handjob right away?
Why isn´t the handjob in the bettinglist?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Obviously this has already been a topic... Who does the deed has been the debate...
That it's not part of the bet is a weak point and let's hope it not reaches that point when he comes back since it will mean a heavy debate!

Anonymous said...

Why is she called The Hag? Aren't hags usually old ugly women? She sounds young. Does it have something to do with her last name? Hagiwara? Hagimura? Hag-something?

I'm starting from the beginning of the blog so there will probably be more comments from me. Sorry. But you're famous now so you probably won't care. :)

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