Saturday, September 8, 2007

I don't care about the boobs anymore!

In theory we're doing a great project but after a couple of days of suffering first a message of "you guys are incompetent and are not doing your job" one day and "wow, you guys seem to be on top of things and ahead of schedule" the next day it could bring much stronger men than me to drink. Which is just what I happened to do, in the Paris Hilton hotel bar of all places with my old friend and current consultin biz comrade Big D who happened to visit Paris while I'm here. An interesting discussion were held, us consultant, about the potential benefits and demerits of hotel bar prostitution, traditional streetwalking and utilizing the Internet. Our view on the current situation and market environment differed a bit but our forecast on future development and trends were somewhat in line. What analysts predict we haven't looked into.
Today was slightly rough so the only solution to stabilize things is some Joy Division ("Unknown pleasures" in general and "disorder" more specifically) and a big fat whiskey.

Tomorrow is sightseeing day here in the city of frogs though, I'm pretty confident that I'll hate it and if I don't I'll hate them for tricking me into not hating it!

Things I really hate about France and the French 6:


-D- said...

Still, apart from our rather diverse, but sort of aligned, analysis of the hotel prostitution market, I feel we reached a mutual conclusion: GOD, WE HATE THE FRENCH!!!!. Let's do the next drinking binge in Tokyo, though. Less french people there.

Mr. Salaryman said...

But I still feel that you betrayed the Cause a bit by being nice to the bar girl! She was French, but you seemed to forget this!
The day you catch me being nice to a French person is the day you'll see me drinking a cup of tea!

-D- said...

I'm having serious problems retorting here...

Foggia said...

Be careful, we French people live undercover is the city of craze too!

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Paris Hilton. Was she reaching celebrity status when you wrote this post?

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