Monday, September 17, 2007

Well, that's a good question

Sometimes people ask me; "Mr. Salaryman, I understand that you hate the French, but what type of French people do you hate the most?", to this I usually give a half-smile, lean forward with my elbows on the table, fingertips together and explain. It goes something like this:

"Well, that's a very good question, it's very important that you understand that this is not a race issue, I hate French people of Middle-eastern, Asian or African descent as much as I hate white French people. The second you become a French citizen, that's when you have crossed the line. The men are slightly more obnoxious than the women, but that doesn't mean that the women are pleasant at all, just slightly less annoying than the men.

But to answer your question, I hate the children the most. They are in the larvae stage of becoming full blown grown French people. I hate the children so much."

Then I lean back, take a deep breath and try to gather myself and after a little while my face will return to its normal color and the throbbing vein in my temple will no longer be visible.

Things I really hate about France and the French 8:
The children


Martin said...

I hate German children. Yes, the children are the worst. But i´m sure that i would hate French children even more if I ever get so unfortunate to ever meeting one.

nodisplayname said...

I hate the French too. I was born in France and lived there for 27 years, yet every day I lived there made me hate the place and its inhabitants a little more. When I managed to leave the country I felt a huge sense of relief.
Most of the French are arrogant, primitive monkeys. The place is extremely boring. Don't go there!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Good to hear that there are nice sensible men out there that agree with me, but how could you not?

27 years, everyday a little more hate... That's a lot of hate you've built up there. I might have been a little more time efficient though since the amount of hate I built up under 5 weeks is pretty considerable.

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