Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An imaginary project for an imaginary company

We recently just finished a very stressful project for a very interesting company. The company is a start-up company created from a partnership of Japanese and American investors and the company itself labels itself as a "Speciality Car accessory company" (I hid the real industry here), catering to some nice areas that have high growth and require special considerations. The companies have invested a lot of million US$ in this company and expect triple the return within 5 years, so their plans are very ambitious.

There is only one catch with this...; The company is completely imaginary and consists of a number of small people sitting in a room, having no products, none of the infrastructure in terms of regulatory affairs and quality assurance necessary for selling these type of products. Neither do they have a salesforce that could potentially sell any products if the company actually had any. Neither does the company have any R&D resources or capabilities to develop products that could contribute to the Japanese market. There is no business plan behind what they are doing and the label "Speciality Car accessory company" is completely made up since they actually do not have anything to sell and the company could equally truthfully label themselves a "Extreme sex toys company" since they don't have any products in that area either.

For these people we have just finished a project, taking a quick look into the nice area that they are thinking of establishing themselves in. With no time to speak of and very little money and resources we managed to throw something together that we hardly have any idea about ourselves, but it met the deadline. I would go as far as saying that this was an imaginary project for an imaginary company.
The pain you ask? The pain was very real and I've got the scars to prove it!


lina said...

aahh.. the power of imagination (with rainbow and stars around)

Yanpa said...

Hire me! Making stuff up that sounds plausible is one of my tragically underused talents.

However, this is totally true: right after reading this post, an email popped into my mailbox with details of a position at an "Automotive stealth mode start-up" (albeit in the US).

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, imagination is a powerful thing indeed!
And Yanpa, can't really help with recruiting, but should be relatively easy to find a job here in Japan if you have a degree and native English speaker? If you're more into the business side of things it's relatively easy to get a job as a recruitment consultant (i.e. Headhunter). Mail me if you want some pointers.

Yanpa said...

Yup: have degree - check; native English speaker - check; JLPT level 1 - check. I suspect recruiting isn't my cup of tea though; my background's in IT (which looks full of possibilities according to all leading Japan-related websites). If your offer still stands I'll take the liberty of dropping you a line in the next few days.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Sure, doesn't seem like there should be any problems in you getting a job and a working visa in the first stage, but please feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll offer the little advise I can.

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