Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please forgive me!

I've now kept up this blogging for soon a year and I am still a bit torn about the whole concept. I mean, I do find the blogging a relatively amusing distraction and it also has the benefit of something close to that of a diary in that I write down some of the interesting things that have happened to me when it's fresh in my memory. On one hand I do this to keep my friends up to date what's going on with me (but since I don't mention too many details, I guess it's not too useful anyway) and I also partly do it for myself, but then it's also really pleasant when people I don't know find this place and makes themselves comfortable here and find my adventures amusing.

However, since this blog is pretty scattered in that it mainly covers Japan, consulting and my general life (with references to serial killers and obscure music intermixed), I do understand that it can be difficult to get in to and that most of the readers probably are more interested in one subject and less interested in another. But since I don't do this with any intention of making money or becoming enormously large or anything I guess I can afford to keep it a bit scattered and hope that some of you find all of the subjects interesting to some degree.
But coming back to the title of this post, I am registered at a number of different blog places with the intention of making it easier for people to find my blog. However, I am not personally a blog hound, I only follow a very minor number of blogs with any kind of real dedication and most of those are written by close friends. Granted, if a new and interesting blog really throws itself in my face I will probably follow it, but I do not actively spend time seeking out new blogs to follow or involve myself in the blogging community.
So to all those people who have added me as "friends" or something similar on different blog search pages, please forgive me and I can promise you that I have at least visited your blog once and probably with a very short attention span that didn't do your blog justice! But I do appreciate the add and please forgive me!
(Hmmm... this was neither particularly funny or interesting, I'll try to work on it!)

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Martin said...

Worst post ever. But all the rest of them i liked - Especially the choice of pictures.
Maby you should have a vote for best picture in your Blog?

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