Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is anyone going to have that last Pizzasausagedanish?

Going back to ancient history, but one of the first topics that I touched upon in this blog was the interesting combinations of food that can occur when Japanese taste clashes with Western foods. I have grown used to seeing these sometimes strange new things and I now rarely react to some things I would probably have reacted to ten years ago. However, today I encountered one of the most disgusting looking combinations ever. The product in question is called a "Pizza-Sausage-Danish" and quick thinkers will quickly realize that this is a combination of pizza with the cheese and tomato based sauce, a hot dog placed upon a danish. Click the picture to see a larger version of the horror!

Now, if this combination does not make you flinch with disgust there are other factors that also need to be considered. This product is not stored cold, it's stored in the bread section of the store and imagine the number of preservatives that needs to go into this product to keep the sausage edible after several weeks of storage in room temperature...

I dare you to eat one of these!


lina said...

the mayo and the ketchup should be rock hard judging by the picture and the ability to last long in the bread section.

maybe you'll try one and report to us, for journalistic sake?

Yanpa said...

Those crazy Danes and their pizza-sausage...

beaverboosh said...

Hey dude,
Was always scared by weird food I came across in Tokyo too!
Experiencing it here in Norway a bit but much more pleaseable:
- Lutefisk (love it)
- Sodd (prefer Lutefisk)
- Sauehove (ok with stout and aquavit)
- Pinnekjøtt (can't get enough at xmas)

Mr. Salaryman said...

I did try to outsource eating of the product to the Boy, but he wouldn't do it for less than 1000 yen, so negotiations ground to a halt. I did purchase it I should add though.
And hey, Beaverboosh, ok, there's strange food in Norway, but in order to compete you need some bizarre cross-cooking like Lutefisk-mayo pizza eller Pinnekjott kebab.

Dan the Man said...

Hey Mr. Salariiman,

There are plenty of this stuff in our regular combini. Sausage roll with pizza sauce, cheese & mayo topping. For some reason they call this one 'danish', but that's just unfortunate branding (all too common in Japan), in fact it's just some croissant-type (oh no, the French!) bread. And it's best-before passed a day after your posting... I eat this stuff all the time, not bad. 135 yen, a bargain for half a lunch.

On another topic, what's the deal with Ms. Sunshine? Let's have a beer and update me - I'm back in town after my Australian beach vacation.

yanpa said...

I was at the supermarket here in Germany the other day - a chain owned by a Danish company - and in the cheap bin at the checkouts there were some boxes of "instant" Danish hotdogs on offer: no refrigeration necessary, just pop in the microwave.

(I was able to resist this bargain).

Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, Dan, I have problems believing that you actually eat this stuff? I will have to put you to the test over a few beers then! Me and Ms. Sunshine are doing great and I'll show you pictures next time then!

erik said...

I thought that the ever present combination of pastry and hotdog was bad enough.

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