Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to know if your partner (the word "partner" used here to save me the trouble of specificying gender) is trying to murder you for money

After a few stale weeks in the Japanese news, some pretty entertaining news have emerged. Ok, "entertaining" is perhaps not the right word, but odd and slightly bizarre are probably more suitable, and as if that wasn't enough, the whole ordeal played out here in my own hood of Ikebukuro.

It actually starts out as a pretty sad classic lonely hearts racket run by a 34 year old woman laying her traps on Internet dating sites and then milking her victims for all their worth, which could be somewhere between $10,000 up to $100,000 USD depending on the victim in questions gullibility and financial assets. The woman apparently is a chubby (but buxom apparently) woman who targeted sad lonely men in their 40's and up claiming that she wanted to marry soon.

Then recently two of her "victims" actually realized that she was ripping them off their money and independently filed charges against her which obviously made the police come in. Now, things could have ended there if it wasn't that some quick work from the Tokyo PD (probably with some help from Piipo-kun) revealed some other victims who had transferred large sums to her account and then very unfortunately had passed away in "accidents or maybe suicides" where they had taken some sleeping pills, pills that for some reason were the same type as the woman received by presecription from a doctor, and then a fire had started in their house in which they failed to wake up in time to escape due to the sleeping pills, claiming their lives. At the moment it looks like at least 4 of these "accidents" have happened to her benefactors, making her actually look pretty serial killerish...

But yeah, this isn't particularly fun really, but what I found really amusing was, as I was watching the news earlier and they interviewed one of her victims whom she had received quite substantial amounts of money from and he told the tv crew that after one visit from her to his place he had noticed that all fire detectors had been removed from his apartment. He only noticed this after her arrest, but it looked very much like he was all set to be the next to go... After seeing the news, I took the rounds around the place to check that all our fire alarms were in place so Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman wasn't planning anything.
So, to everyone reading this blog who either lives with a partner (look, writing partner saved me the trouble of writing out "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" and it also allowed me to keep the gender open as to not offend any of my gay readers who are very welcome here) or have someone coming around from time to time, make it a habit to check that the fire alarms remain up in the ceiling where they should be and if they're gone, maybe it's time to consider your routes of escape...


William said...

Wow. I'm amazed she got away with it for so long being that sloppy.

I live alone, but I think I'll check the fire alarm when I get home anyhow. ;)

Chris said...

My next door neighbor murdered her husband 15 years ago by poison and everyone seems to know it. She has a English Juku next to my Eikaiwa and she has never once...not one single time mumbled a word of English.6 years and not a peep no matter how simple mundane or insignificant the occasion. She has ice water in her veins. She looks at me like she wishes I were dead and my School was burned to the ground.

He was creamated and the oldest daughters claims of knowing about the poison were never followed up.She still gets student....but then again...so do I

The chiropractic clinic 2 houses down has had 2 seperate people fall into a roadside river and die (1 drunk old man who used to yell and scream and make a fuss. He was too old to beat down and then 3 months ago a woman going to the supermarket behind my house fell and died at the same spot in the river) This is at the edge of the driveway to the clinic. I can't believe anyone still goes near there? The city rigged up a small cable to block people from trying to step over that river from the corner of that driveway which is about 2 dead people too late.

I was asked after both incidents...weeks later to recall where I was on the evenings in question.

I wonder if they asked my other neighbor...across the street and about 8 houses down...the Yakuza lieutenant who rolls in a Benz but has old school type vibes (in a good way) He always say's "Chris subarashi" when he sees the Christmas lights display and he is the most normal of all my neighbors. Or did the cops ask the laundrymat across from Yakuza that has no customers except for tattoo sporting Yaks getting their shirts pressed?

Or the REALLY creepy old lady directly across from me who teaches Japanese tea ceremony and once told an adult student of mine that I had a black aura and she should stay away from me (thanks creepy cult member neighbor lady)

If you wanted to be a serial killer Japan would be the place to be. These cops are fucking clueless,old or indifferent.

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