Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Don’t’ worry about the background noise"

To tie things back to my earlier post about the horrors of telecons… With my little niece over on a visit we decided to go enjoy the amusement at the Tokyo Disneyland with a pretty short notice. Unfortunately I had forgotten a teleconference on the same date and the team on the Japan side insisted that they needed me to participate and support them and with the short notice I felt a little bad about ditching them and promised to call in from Disneyland .

In order to strategically make the best of the time, I decided to call in just as I was lining up for the Haunted Mansion ride which promised a waiting time of about an hour, which seemed like as good place as any to call in to the conference.

Unfortunately there were a number of factors that I did not take into account… First of all it’s not a simple line; a “spooky” elevator ride is included and also that the “estimated” times are not always exact and that this one proved to be considerably shorter than what they had on the sign outside, almost half the time… This resulted in some pretty interesting background noises as I tried to get my voice heard during the conference and as we got closer and closer to the carts I was half-fearing, half looking forward to actually taking the ride while listening to a discussion about a certain surgical procedure in heavily broken English with a Spanish accent. But the conference mercifully ended just as I was setting my right foot in the cart.

This is how you combine work and pleasure, removing any possible productivity from work with removing all the fun from pleasure!

(Sorry about the lack of posting, been kinda busy with family and stuff, but I'll get right back on it from now on again!)


Anonymous said...

lol.. in germany i was fired for such thing..

Mr. Salaryman said...

That sounds a bit harsh, but I guess it depends on the circumstances, this was on a day off for me and I made it very clear that I was at disneyland... If people believe that you are hard at work somewhere, then I guess it's a different issue...

ril said...

I think this sounds much more enjoyable from both sides, compared to those who insist on joining conference calls from the bathroom. Perhaps companies should take better care of their employees' bowels?

Anyway, glad to see you posting: always like to stop by here on my way to research foreign salads. Thanks, Google.

aimlesswanderer said...

Darn, it would have been much more fun if the call had lasted into the ride - nothing like screaming and spooky sounds going down the line all over the world!

Anonymous said...

hilarious as always.

I noticed in the picture that captain britain has quite a stronger jaw than spiderman. spiderman has a nice v-line.

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