Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plug the blog, bitch!

Ok, I generally very rarely push other blogs here in a separate post, but this time I thought I should do an exception. You see, through a random bored google on my own blog, I happened to come across the blog of this Bavarian gentleman called "Globalization Adventures in Bavaria" who claims that he's got some inspiration from me in starting up a blog. Now, self-satisfaction and all those other things aside, the concept of the blog is actually really interesting to me, at least. He basically lives in my bizarro world, where the Japanese are the overlords and the poor Europeans are struggling to survive the insanity of a slightly different brand than the one I'm living in.
It is also interesting to me from a professional perspective, because one future possible path could be to venture back to Europe for a Japanese company (ok, it's not like a plan or anything, just one possibility depending on how the stars align).

Besides, what can I say, I like the Germans (one of the reasons is that that they're not French) and a post in the making somewhere inside my head about the differences in working with Japanese, Germans, French, Italians (shudders) and americans is bound to get down on the screen at some point when I get around to it.

But yeah, give the guy a chance and if nothing else, at least there's some cleavage in there somewhere so it shouldn't be a complete waste of time for the heterosexual males at least.


Karen said...

But where are his groovy Salaryman graphics? And as long as I"m writing, when do we get the lowdown on the Salaryman/Sunshine wedding. Your heterosexual female readers demand details!

iago said...

Ahem. Sorry to wander in without knocking; I've been lurking around your place for a little while, and this post reminded me of my own experience.

Several years ago, I interviewed for a Job with Nissan in the UK. The office was a vast open plan affair, everybody sitting silently at desks, wearing their Nissan uniforms. I was told, "Although we're in the UK, this is a Japanese company, so we run it the Japanese way."

Fast forward to now. I work for a wholly owned subsidiary of an American company, in Japan. The offices are open-plan, the staff wear uniforms, the processes are decidedly different from home. I'm told, "Yes, it's an American company, but we are in Japan, so we run it the Japanese way."

I'll, uh, go now, shall I?

Chris said...

Mr Bavaria is sporting a bad
"Words to Cleavage" ratio.

Like 350 words per cleavage shot??

That needs to stop right away.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey there Karen - Don't worry, more wedding stuff will follow shortly! I might even promise some male nudity to keep my female heterosexual readers, stay posted!

iago - Nice to see you around and no need to sneak out the back door! Seemed like a pretty great situation, classic "damned if you do" scenario. I hope you can avoid the uniform at least now!

Chris - Yeah, at some point we have to bring up the poor cleavage/word ratio with our Bavarian buddy, I think he means well but he has to recognize when he's made a mistake as well!

Mr. Bavaria said...

yeah sorry for that (making mental note to myself: more boobs, less words)

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