Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We must make it safe, for the children!

With a two year old niece and custodians soon incoming to the Sunshine-Salaryman residence we made a short inspection on the apartment and baby safety, the following was observed:
  • Sharp knives hanging at low heights
  • Prescription and OTC Drugs placed randomly on lower level bookshelves
  • Ointment drugs that smell like mint also within easy reach
  • Unstable bookshelves that a minor earthquake easily could topple and cause severe injury
  • Sharp corners on basically every piece of furniture (excluding some of the pillows)
  • Cables and electrical equipment all over the place

Not to mention the poison cockroach traps conveniently located for a baby to find at low heights (leftovers from this battle)

In hindsight, it’s a small miracle that little dude Otto actually made it out of here alive…
So, with the situation clarified, what have I been doing to prepare? My activities has been focused on two key projects:
* Purchasing the remake of Bubble Bobble to play with big Bro
* Purchasing Wii Sports Resort and loading the controllers with new batteries

We might move the knives when and if we get around to it though, but it’s all a matter of priorities!


Chris said...

The little dude who will have un-diagnosed dyslexia because no one will know when he's spelling his name backwards :)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, poor little Otto, or "ottO" as he might end up spelling it, poor guy...

Mr. Bavaria said...

Hey Salaryman, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry for the late answer/not yet having sent you a mail - I was pretty busy recently because our company gets a new CEO next week and I had all hands full with fending off all those damn backstabbers that tried to get into pole position for the new race. Thanks for all your tips (and yes please add me to your list). If you happen to be in Munich drop me a note. First beer is on me.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey there Mr. Bavaria! Sorry about all the double/triple posts, something was messed up in your comment posting function which kept telling me that the posts were not successfully posted (when they apparently were...).

And don't promise too much on the beer, you should know that work takes me very close to Munich from time to time...

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