Thursday, July 30, 2009

I know, but it is so hot!

I guess there are two type of posts that I have a habit of repeating once every year, the "it's so cold here" post and the "it's way too hot now" post. I do apologize in advance, but I must do another one of those posts complaining about the heat.

The rainy season recently ended, paving the way for the "real" summer to start, but this year the end of the rainy season seemed to be the signal to increase the amount of rain, the humidity in the air and the general stickiness. And when you are just about to be thankful that it's not raining you have to endure the intense heat that the sun gives, not to mention how the streets of Tokyo reflects it back to you and makes it even more unbearable. It is hot now, really hot. And as you probably are well aware, one of the greatest natural enemies of salarymen is the heat, due to the need to wear a suit to work most of the time.

Fortunately, a contingency plan exist and is soon to be put in motion, leaving the Tokyo heat behind for a little while at least.


ThePenguin said...

What are these "suits" of which people speak?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Well, it's pretty similar to what Penguins wear naturally in terms of color and hotness.

martin said...

I like the hot posts every year. It reminds me that the green winter here in Sweden ain´t so bad after all.

(Didn´t understand the attached supergirl picture though?)

Chris said...

I miss Hawaii the most in Summer. Not in Winter as one might imagine because we have tradewinds which make the sunny days bearable and enjoyable. Japan is a giant hot steamy wet blanket.

**I'm just bitching. Cuz that's what I do when the weather drains every single ounce of spare energy I've got**

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