Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaving mainland Japan for some honeymoon!

Again, sorry, for the drop off in posting these lastest week, even salarymen get some vacation from time to time but don't interpret it as a lack of fun/bizarre/interesting things to blogg about! I have quite the backlog now with stuff I will be pumping out over the coming days!

As my previous post hinted, there was a contingency plan to get out of the worst heat here in Tokyo with me and Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman's honeymoon. We actually chose to not venture abroad this time and instead did some local travel to the 48 prefecture of Japan, slightly far off from the mainland honshuu; the islands of Hawaii. Needless to say, we had a great time and now we just have to readjust back to the heat in Tokyo over the coming days before it's back to hitting the office again... More reports on some of the more interesting things we experienced will come, but just a short update now to say that I am alive and rest assured that posting will soon pick up it's regular pace!


Chris said...

I LOVE Spam Musubi's!! Teri Chicken Musibi's are "killaz" as well!!

I'll be heading home to Hawaii in October and I can't _____ING WAIT!!!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - You're like a brother to me and I know that you mean well, but come on! Those things can't be edible? What's up with the spam?!

And yeah, please take me with you, I wanna go back already!

Chris said...

They saved me from starvation when I was scraping and scrounging just to survive.So, I got a soft spot in my heart for those things. I'll never be too wealthy to forget what filled my stomach when i was counting my pennies and living check to check.

The teri chicken ones are seriously great.
I'm flying first class brother, with an open seat next to me (as of now) can you jam yourself in a surfboard bag?? ;)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, ok Chris, you're forgiven in that case if you have a sentimental relation to those nasty spam musubi.

Teri Chicken doesn't sound bad, but didn't try it

NyNy said...

Even though this is an old post, I bet you had a wonderful honeymoon.

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