Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, thanks for reading it at least

As you might've noticed, Japan is still in the middle of the summer heat making everyone quite subdued and things have been pretty calm on the work front with very little insanity or stuff going on at all actually at the moment. I expect this to change in the near future as Germany, France and Spain are soon about to wake up from their ~6 week summer vacation (yeah, I had a week, thank you very much...).

I send and receive a lot of emails in my job, that is nothing I really complain about or so, it's just a natural consequence of the situation I'm in; communicating with a lot of people both centrally in head office functions and locally in Japan. For my mails, I use the "receit" function in Outlook and find it pretty convenient to see a notification on who opened my mail when. Sure, it does create some "noise" but it's pretty easy to just delete most of them once every so often.

Today, I received the following receit to a pretty important mail containing a marketing plan for this year:

"Your message

To: Ms. X in HQ
Cc: Mr. Shachou, Local colleague
Subject: Important marketing plan
Sent: 2009/01/28 17:46

was read on 2009/08/24 16:59."

Seriously, if it takes her over six month to get to this mail why even bother opening it?


big hairy said...

well. we germans do our vacations by the shool holidays of our children. summer has the longest shool vacation here and people with families collect all overtime for summer so you can easy figure our all the chaos wich rule in a office when half or more of your colleagues are on vacation. not that many companies in Germany do hard cuts in employee-base by playing the "world crisis" card and force their people to go into Kurzarbeit.

Chris said...

I can't stop staring at H.A.L .
He knows my secrets :(

He KNOWS!!!!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Big Hairy - Yeah, your comment inspired my post today, Germans have a lot of vacation...

Chris - Yes, he knows them all, I'm sorry I can't help you

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