Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time to get political!

...or, after thinking about it a little, maybe not... As regular readers here might have noticed, I actually put in quite the effort to avoid getting political here and after a brief consideration I decided to not break that policy this time around either.

However, I did contribute to this blog, "Tome of the Unknown Writer" and it's look on healthcare around the world, since the discussions about healthcare reforms is such a hot topic over there (and a bit infected as well it seems like).

For those of you interested to read what I think about the healthcare system in Japan, as a professional and tax payer, you can read my post here. For any disagreement or additions to that actual topic and potential political dimensions, please comment on that site and not here and I promise that I will reply and not do the "this is not a political blog" thing.

Now, shall we get back to the topic of Noripi instead?


iago said...

Does the NHI pay for straightening out druggies, or will she have to go private for that? Should she have to?


(50 pts)

J.S said...

Richard Speck had some "interesting" health care during his sentence. He even got boobs for himself because of it!

Mr. Salaryman said...

iago - yeah, but latest news was that she's going through withdrawal now in jail, so it's done for free - we're all winners!

J.S. - My first sense of joy that someone actually recognized old Speck and the double healthcare connection (nurses and hormone treatments) was instantly cooled off when I noticed that it was from a Finn... Last time I heard, Finns take things like this all too serious and shoot up their schools, you're no psycho Mr. J.S., right?

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