Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet the new boss...

Ok, as everyone already probably know the election in Japan was won by a landslide by the oppositional Democratic Party of Japan thereby ending the one party democratic system that the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan has enjoyed for so many decades. But on the other hand, since the DPJ is actually an offspring of the LDP you could actually argue that things haven't really changed that much, just mutated a little.

On one hand, I will actually miss Taro "The Smirk" Aso a little since his stupidity and condescending attitude always provided some comic relief to otherwise boring news, while Yukio "The Villain" Hatoyama doesn't provide much enjoyment, he just gives his evil stare when confronted with a question he doesn't like. Not as much fun as a condescending take-down.

I would actually think that hanging out with Aso over a few drinks, as he's holding court at one of the ANA hotel bars he so usually frequents, would provide some entertaining stories. I can picture how he's holding court with a jolly group of brown nosers and pretty girls (which he sometimes jokingly slaps on the behind) while having his whiskey and water. Hatoyama on the other hand very likely does not go to the bar after a hard days work, I have the feeling that he takes a secret elevator down to his secret cave where he sits down in front of a huge television and reports on the evil that he has done for the day to his compatriots in the Masters of Evil.

But hey, I guess it's better to have an evil genius on your side than a regular moron...

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