Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes you can! least consider it... maybe...?

Again I break my rule of commenting on current events here in Japan, but since it impacts my daily life I feel that it is, at least somewhat, justified. You see, this weekend is the general elections in which Japan most likely finally will get rid of Taro "The Smirk" Aso and see a change from the Liberal Democrats to the Democratic Party of Japan. In an amazing lack of insight the LDP actually ran television commercials heavily featuring Aso, which is pretty shocking considering that he’s probably the biggest liability the party has at the moment since the sight of him makes most people cringe. You can enjoy it here!

The latest weeks an ongoing theme in the Salaryman-Sunshine household has been Ms. Sunshine lamenting about "having to vote" in the upcoming election while I smugly can boldly state how much I would like to vote but am not allowed since I'm not a Japanese citizen. Ms. Sunshine fluctuates between LDP and the DPJ with the same enthusiasm as a would be self-murderer considers throwing himself before the train or hanging himself. Everytime she's leaning towards the LDP I remind her that that would mean that we would have to put up with more years with Aso which usually swings her right back to the other side. Then Makiko Tanaka (very annoying lady, google her if you’re interested) in a bold move suddenly jumped ship and joined the DPJ which reflects pretty badly on them...

Japanese politics is a nasty dirty mess, you could argue that most politics is, but I would wager that Japan is dirtier and nastier than most. To be honest, I'm kind relieved that I don't have the right to vote in the election since that means that I can keep on complaining without having to take any responsibility.


Chris said...

"In an amazing lack of insight"

I hear people in Japan like to sometimes throw themselves infront of trains.

This would be the political equivalent :)

A student of mine actually witnessed such an event and when I asked why she thought she did it she said maybe the woman didn't want to be a burden to her family or something? I pointed out that stopping a train in Tokyo during morning rush sounds more like a "FUCK YOU and I hope all you clueless fucks are late for work"

Maybe ASO insisted on this and it's his little "FUCK YOU and I hope all you backstabbing fucks lose big"

Anonymous said...

I pointed out that stopping a train in Tokyo during morning rush sounds more like a "FUCK YOU and I hope all you clueless fucks are late for work"--

lol.. ironicaly you was never in Ruhrgebiet. train between Duesseldorf and Dortmund is famous to be late because of suicides. very often..

derek demos said...

Wow, I can't believe it, is it possible???

Anonymous said...

Well now the DPJ has taken power, let's hope they can do something about this rain, because the commute this morning was no fun at all.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - I hate to say this, but I think you were completely right! Aso probably wanted this all along!

Anonymous - Hear hear, it's time they take some responsibility!

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