Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I only understand what I chose to understand, but that doesn’t guarantee full comprehension, if you understand what I mean

Generally, I hate interacting with members of the global senior management, there are many reasons for this, but the biggest reason is the inability of most management to understand and/or look into any complexities that can not be broken down and simplified to two or three keywords. And even when you actually can break something down to a few select keywords, senior management people usually only have ability to comprehend and remember a few of those, which ones are usually picked by themselves and my experience is that words like “opportunity” and “premium position” are selected and remembered more than the “preliminary” and “small change of achieving” preceding the words are filtered away.

After such a conversation/presentation/discussion with senior management, usually things are pretty calm and I sometimes stupidly believe that it is an indication that the issue has been understood and that things are moving forward in an orderly way.

Then it happens; I get an e-mail forwarded from to me from some colleague in head office who wants to “follow up” with me some of the items discussed earlier and by scanning back in the mail communication I can see how the information the colleague has been given is an borderline obscene misunderstanding of the situation which then results in a few bouts of confused discussions where I have to try and set the colleague straight and fix the misunderstandings… Then silence follow again for a while until I have another discussion with said senior management member and the process is rinsed and repeated. I do hate interacting with the global management...

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Chris said...

Being smarter than those around you can be depressing at times. Knowing what's happening WHILE it's happening and realizing no one else sees it but you was fun and a confidence builder as a kid ,but as an adult....realizing that all these people made it this far in life AND they are actually getting paid by someone to do something is mind boggling.

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