Friday, September 4, 2009

Unemployed in Japan, poor LDP!

Again, coming back to the topic of the election and the aftermath. As you all probably know by now, in this election the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) saw a horrible election, getting the number of seats reduced from around ~300 to only ~100 and the Democratic Party (DPJ) having the reversed situation. This is an obvious result of the horrid election that the LDP brought upon themselves after the last years of mismanagement, Taro Aso and lazy ignorance after almost 50 years in power.

But what I have found entertaining now after the election is how a number of tv shows have focused on these poor LDP politicians who now ended up out of office, found themselves unemployed and have to find some real work for themselves, at least until the next election, if the party possibly can recover until then… I like how the shows usually take the angle on how sad and difficult this is for them and how they get comments such as “Well, I don’t know what I will do next… I have to do something to keep food on the table for my family” and then filming them looking sad and nostalgic and also maybe adding “I am so sorry I disappointed all of those who believed in me” when the issue here was that people stopped believing in him/her and voted for the other guy/girl instead because they were fed up.

When the global financial downturn started, the large industries suddenly let most of their temporary staff go to immediately cut cost. Letting go large numbers of workers in the factories and suppliers to the larger industries, those were people already living on a shoestring and with little chances of finding something else to do as all industries were cutting costs. Those guys and girls I feel for, but politicians that get thrown out of office because the population was tired of the mismanagement of Japan ?

Instead of pity, I watch it with glee, now they have to actually get real jobs for a change, good luck with that!


RMilner said...

My heart bleeds for them.

Of course, a lot of them will parachute into cushy jobs at big corporations who expect the LDP to return to power.

Mr. Salaryman said...

yeah, poor poor politicians... They have to have that symbolic corporate job for a few years waiting to get back to that nice office and wield the power again, it's a hard life...

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