Tuesday, September 8, 2009

...not really dry, but not really wet either... kinda ... moist?

Coming back again to the topic of the subway in Japan, but this summer, the private Metro subway have in some stations placed this interesting contraptions in the platform (look at the picture), the purpose of these devices is to shower the poor commuters with cold water in a mist. As I understand it the purpose is to cool down people now in the hot summer months, a note on the machine states that it will be in function from early August to some time in September (ominously enough no concrete date is set in September...).

I'm not sure if it's just me, but these machines does not really have a cooling effect on me, instead they have the effect of annoying me as they spray me with the mist as I am passing by. For some reason the people in charge thought it was good to put up another note saying "standing for longer time under the moisturizer will make you wet". I have figured that out on my own and that's just through quickly passing through them...

Then there's the person I've seen a few times, he looks like the worst Akihabara has to offer in terms of overweight badly dressed anime otaku, always eating some form of bread he has bought at the convenience store, holding the plastic wrapping in one hand, the bread in the other, chewing with an open mouth right in front of the moisturizer. He annoys me almost as much as the device, especially since navigating through both him and the machine on the way to my preferred waiting spot is annoying.

Well, in any case, they should be gone by October at least I hope... Maybe they will be replaced by steam engines blowing hot steam in our faces by December? I think I'd prefer that...

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Anonymous said...

looks like the snow making mashine.

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