Friday, September 18, 2009

I’m really sorry and apologies for all the trouble I’ve caused…

As I brought up a little earlier, Japanese have recently been shaken by two big celebrity scandals. One which involved a celebrity and her husband, involved in some minor use of narcotics and another one involving a celebrity involved in some minor use of narcotics and a dead naked hostess lady. Obviously the first scandal has gotten the most media time due to the wholesome image of the celebrity in question Noriko “Noripi” Sakai, the circus leading up to her arrest and her interesting relationship to her, also metamphetamine smoking, husband (you can catch up here).

In the last few weeks these scandals have been calmly puttering along with no bigger amazing developments, the investigation going on while the players were kept in jail and interrogated as the details were hammered out.

However, since the crimes in questions are considered to be relatively minor and with little risk pending the formal trial, both the lovely Sakai couple and adorable actor slash singer Manabu Oshio (for whom I wouldn’t want to be the manager since it would be so annoying to get phone calls in the middle of the night asking me what to do about naked hostesses OD;ing on drugs and subsequently dying, perhaps because he called me instead of the ambulance immediately, but I digress…) were pretty recently released out of jail. Now, this is not a discreet happening as you might think, this is a big public circus in front of the police station with media all over the place, people shouting, fans and haters abound.

In Japan , the concept of apologizing is very very important, showing proper regret is something that will get you the public sympathy and can let you in the warmth again later on if you are lucky. I got a great deal of entertainment watching on tv how these three people, on individual occasions, stepped out of the police station with their lawyer next to them, faced with hundreds of cameras and people shouting and asking for comments. Noripi handled this with the most style (getting professional makeup and hair styling before facing the crowds), but as should probably be expected since she is a veteran actress after all, but her husbands expression of “what the hell is this” followed by a lame look at his lawyer (who nodded at him) before bowing to the crowd and apologizing for all the trouble he has caused (again look at the lawyer to see if it was enough, getting the nod and then being whisked away in the car to freedom).

I find this highly entertaining. But I never really understood why they always need to apologize for all "the trouble they caused" to the general public since all I’ve gotten out of it has been entertainment. When it comes to Oshio, you would think that an apology to the family of the deceased hostess would be more suitable, but no, the apology goes out to the general public.

I guess I have wait now for the trials since there’s bound to be more hilarity and half-assed apologies coming out of those! But yeah, no need to apologize to me!


the great hairy long verylong banana said...

and this is for relax..

Anonymous said...

Even if an ambulance had been called right away, I would bet 100 yen the victim would have been driven around to multiple hospitals, perishing along the way.

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