Monday, November 29, 2010

...and now for something completely different...

Today on the top news on one of the major Japanese network news shows;

1. The murder of a 6 year old girl in Hiroshima

2. An accident in a highway tunnel in Mie prefecture leaves three dead

3. A temp staff worker at the amusement park around the Tokyo Dome are was trying to do some small repair on the "freefall" attraction but got her hands stuck in the machinery and broke a finger!!! (no one is to blame though it seems)

4. The South Korean Prime Minister holds a press conference on the recent conflict with North Korea

About the same amount of time was spent on each of the topics... Lots of stuff going on here in Japan now.


Chris said...

Yeah, the 6 year old girls parents are missing (this morning anyway) 1 of three children is dead and a fire was started at 5am.

The parents were not (excuse me while I smash my face on my keyboard)
The parents were not ID'd or /and no description of them was given.

Over 90% of such cases involve a family member. Not even a vague implication that the missing parents might be involved.

J cops. ...nuff said.

Fernando said...

And she BORKE A FINGER! quite amusing, most importantly, there was no one to blame...temp staff worker DELUXE (anything is better that way...right?)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - Oh yeah, don't get me started on the latest string of parents killing their children here in Japan, that shit just makes me sad... Thinking particularly of those two kids locked into a room left to starve in Osaka... A broken finger almost pale in comparison...

Fernando - I think this temp staff worker was anything but Deluxe though, but that would have made things a lot better!

aimlesswanderer said...

glad to hear that the news is as vapid as it is over here.

Potential war brewing on the Korean peninsula? Forget that, a "celebrity" (and I use that term very loosely) has flown into town, that is our number 1 story for the entire week!

Anonymous said...

Parents killing children? In Japan? Isn't their population in trouble enough as it is? Geez people. Get a grip and if you can't handle your kids, let someone else adopt them.

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