Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's a chore tricked out as a game, don't fall for it!

I own a Wii, but it's mostly collecting dust unless I have some friends over since it can serve as a decent party diversion to bust out some Wii Sports Resort or so, but compared to the Playstation offering the single player games for the Wii just generally suck.

Recently having the brother-in-law over with his family and two Wii loving kids, the kids were let loose on the Wii while the adults enjoyed dinner, drinks and conversation. With some intervals I went over to participate in some of the games and assert myself as the dominant male and kick some ass in some of the more enjoyable mini-games (which are not that many).

After a period of being left unattended I checked in on the kids as they were playing a bicycle mini-game together and seemingly enjoying it immensely. The aim of the game is to cycle through a course and come in first place, simple enough, but what you do to control the game is to repeatedly shake the controllers up and down in some form of rythm for the duration of the course, which can easily go over 5 minutes... Not the most exciting way to control the game and quite exhausting as well, I'm very impressed with Nintendo for making up a pointless chore and dressing it up as a game and having the kids enjoy it.

Now, if only Nindendo could work on this and figure out how to make the kids do actually productive chores like doing the dishes, moving the lawn etc. disguised as games, we could really be onto something big here!


Chris said...

"I went over to participate in some of the games and assert myself as the dominant male and kick some ass .."

Kicking little kids ass in games is one of my favorite sports

Cheap Hotels in Paris said...

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Persianxrose said...

Man wii's are like secret work outs. I guess that helps kids not get fat since no one seems to play outside as much anymore :-/

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