Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Joy of Japanese Guests

I'm not sure if it's my genes or a personal trait, but I generally like having guests over at the Sunshine-Salaryman base of operations. Something which sometimes clashes a bit with Mrs. Sunshine since the required cleanliness standards that we have in our heads for having guests over is quite different. While I basically don't care that much if there's baby Sunshine vomit and poo in the corners of the rooms, Mrs. Sunshine wants a bare minimum of dust rats smaller than 3x3cms in diameter.

However, I have noticed that when having Japanese guests over, the place is usually left in an even better state than it was in when the party began. It is usually neigh impossible to stop any of the guests from starting to wash things up, scrub the floor and put all the remaining food in suitable containters. This in comparison to having a bunch of foreign friends over, after which it usually looks like a battle zone and a good part of the following day is spent cleaning up.

I have now seriously started to consider maximize the amount of dishes and dirt in the corners until I invite some Japanese friends over to get the cleaning done and also maybe a bit of socializing, I just need to run this by Mrs. Sunshine to see if she'll approve...


aimlesswanderer said...

I clearly need to acquire some Japanese friends, as our place has stuff everywhere.

Chris said...

I never thought about it but after my parties everything gets cleaned...I kinda took it for granted. My friends back home (America) woulda left it a disaster and I woulda done the same for them.
I'm looking forward to the system working well as next month brings the biggest party of the year.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Aimless - Yes, you should try inviting some random Japanese people over and see how your house will be left sparkling in the end!

Chris - Well, the strategy here would seem to be to have you americans over Day 1 and then Japanese friends over on Day 2 and marvel at the cleanliness!

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