Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cpt. Awkward is no gentleman, he's Japanese

It seems like quite a few blogs out there featuring different personalities each get a special character that becomes a bit of a fan-favorite. Over at Corinne's, people couldn't care less about her little kid or surfer husband, we just hang around hoping for another story on her fantastic sister-in-law, over at Chris place, who cares about all the kids, teaching and stuff, we just come around for the cat Ikura! And it seems like my readers here can't get enough of Cpt. Awkward, so I thought I should entertain you with another Cpt. Awkward story to reward you for hanging around.

The other day, Cpt. Awkward had one of his frequent meeting with one of his peons; a younger girl that is kinda quiet, small and a bit mousy, albeit nice and friendly enough. Their meetings usually include tons of binders, printed out documents, books and computers. Not sure why, but they're big fans of printing things out, perhaps because Cpt. Awkward hasn't really caught up with electronic documentation and being ecological friendly. The times I have meetings with them, they usually hand over tons of print-outs to me which are the exact same files that they mailed over a few hours earlier.

The other day, I saw Cpt. Awkward coming stumbling out of a meeting (he has this awkward way of walking sometimes where it looks like he's about to fall over for every step he takes and his arms are made of jelly and just flaps around) with the peon and goes over to his desk. A few minutes later, the mousy peon comes out of the meeting, carrying binders in her arms that stacks up so high that her eyes are barely visible. She puts them down on the desk and start putting them back in order, visibly exhausted.

As I'm passing by on my way back from the coffee machine, I ask Cpt. Awkward half-jokingly "Hey, c'mon Cpt. Awkward-san, shouldn't you at least help out carrying some of the heavy stuff, you're not much of a gentleman, are you?". The peon gives him a sad stare as she overhears and looks like she's making a terrible effort of making him feel bad. Cpt. Awkward is silent for a few awkward seconds, looks back and forth between peon and me, opens his mouth and closes it a few times and finally says "But I'm Japanese!". I laugh to signal that I was joking with him and walk away before the situation gets more awkward.

But there you have it, Cpt. Awkward is not a gentleman, he's Japanese!


Chris said...

Ikura would be pleased :)
Thanks for the Neko shoutout!!

I am rebuilding my blogroll and 2nd site. Not for kids (new site).
Have a look sometime and let me know if putting you on the B.R. is cool or not.
You'll be back on the School's site by Sunday. I tried migrating my old template to the new blogger and it...didn't go well :(

Corinne said...

I should use the excuse of being Australian next time I drink myself stupid and vomit all over some Japanese girl's shoes!

And you're so right, they all love the characters these fickle blog readers!

Fernando said...

Hooray for Cpt. Awkward hahaha can´t get enough of his stories!

Martin said...

Great pic mr Salaryman.

I can´t wait to see Chris new adult site.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris- Sure go ahead and roll me up Christ, thanks! Let me know when you're done and I'll add on your new non-school site!

Corinne - Oh yeah, the times I've gotten out of trouble and annoying work with "but I'm a foreigner, how could I POSSIBLY understand?" that's a separate post!

Fernando - He's a champ for sure!

Martin - But I don'T think that guy in the boat is Japanese though, odd...

Chris said...

Can you add this :)


Can you please keep the School too :)

Corinne your site is WAY cool!

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