Monday, March 21, 2011

Earthquake Press Conferences - The truth told in the margins?

The whole earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima power plant disaster here in Japan have been accompanied by a parade of press conferences and I must admit that I have had problems following exactly who is what and from what perspective that they're talking all the time as it's been from various government functions, Tepco, Tokyo Power etc.

One of my "favorites" in the press marathon press conferences have been Nishiyama-san, a bureaucrat from the Ministry of Finance. That his understanding of the nuclear crisis was limited was clearly visible in his hesitation to answer questions, frequent pauses and then leaning to the side so one of his peons could whisper to him what to say. He has also gotten the nickname "Nobita-kun" due to a perceived likeness to the boy in the Doraemon comics.

I was watching one of the press conferences on the Fukushima struggle to cool down the reactors last Friday, streaming on the computer. On the right hand side of the tv window a chat/message board was available with a constant stream of comments from the Japanese audience watching it online. Most of them were not particularly interesting or amusing, but one nugget came from someone watching just as the press conference started:

"How can you trust someone who hides his own baldness to be open about a nuclear disaster!?"

A very insightful analysis indeed. However, I'm not sure that the fundamental analysis is correct, since it looks to me like Nobita-kun have a very rich hair and doesn't do a comb over? Something to ponder indeed.


BiggerInJapan said...

haha, good one!

Was just saying to myself that those TEPCO pressers set new standards for lying in front of a camera, as well as having no clue.

NOT cool.

Big Bro said...

I haven't watched that much (being in Sweden, and not watching much TV) - but what is your comment/rating on the clothing fashion? Seems like everyone, including the PM, has to wear some kind of overall/uniform. And they look a bit odd, makes me think of Devo or something.

Chris said...

"How can you trust someone who hides his own baldness to be open about a nuclear disaster!?"

I freakin love that!
His eyebrows are much lighter than his head hair so he outta die those too or keep being the subject of childish speculation.

I am not above or claiming to be above childish speculating btw.

Martin said...

Never trust a man whos hair doesnt move.

Anonymous said...

Best comment in margin is the renaming of the agency to Fuancho from Hoancho.


Mr. Salaryman said...

BiJ - Oh yeah, at one point when the whole thing has calmed down a bit I'll do a post reviewing the differet press conference actors and their hairstyles!

Big Bro - Yes, I find it highly annoying how some people wear brand new shining work gear to make it look like they're doing something important. Not to mention that the Japanese design is quite ugly

Chris - Interesting observation, maybe there is something to the comb over conspiracy theory!

Martin - His hair never moved! Even when he moved his forehead, the hair was static, maybe it's a wig?

Anon - Haha, yeah, that's a pretty good observation and probably more accurate

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