Sunday, July 3, 2011

Under maintenance!

Regular programming will resume momentarily
First of all, apologies for the lack of posting recently and responding to comments (as well as commenting on other blogs!) lately. Most of my time recently has been eaten up by everything that comes with the change of jobs and Baby Sunshine (who soon should be upgraded to "toddler Sunshine") so I've just been a tad too busy and tired lately, but it's all good.

I think/hope that I will be up and running at full speed again pretty soon but please bear with me a little longer!


Chris said...

No pressure....but I'm not drinking any liquids until your next post. ;)

Gaijin Wife said...

forgiven but not forgotten.

brutha said...

I think this post lacks one of those classic animated gifs with construction going on etc... !

iago said...


I think you've been at that American company too long.

Fernando said...

Heheh thats what I said in my last blog 2 years ago. I do hope you don´t lie to your followers as I did!

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