Friday, August 12, 2011

Ayaman Japan - "Poipoipoipoipoipopi~"

For lack of energy to do any real significant post that would stimulate and challenge you, instead I thought that I should highlight one of the latest minor fads here in Japan. The girl trio Ayaman Japan with their hit song Poipoipoipoipoipopi~ or "ぽいぽいぽいぽぽいぽいぽぴー" as it's written in Japanese. Take a look here:

I must admit that I find them and the song and group quite entertaining in the absurdity and relative outrageousness. Apparently the girls started out as "party entertainers" for drinking parties to get people going (and yeah, I can actually see how that would work pretty well) and now recently hit some minor fame with their infectious "ninninninnin" and "poipoipoi" thing. One of the girls is also officially in charge of "boobs" in the group, something that I feel plays to their benefit.

Mrs. Sunshine hates them with a vengeance because it's so stupid and ridicilous, me on the other hand often can't resist stuff done in bad taste, and compared to all the AKB48 it's a bit refreshing.


Blue Shoe said...

Hahaha...this is hilarious.

Loco said...

Hilariously absurd!

Chris said...

Never heard of them until you mentioned them. Now you have to live with that shame.

**Looks for a bridge to jump off**

Andrew said...

I see your poipoipoipoipoipoi and raise it a PONPONPON:

Kaley said...

I am completely in love with this and need more right now!

Ugh! said...

Paid stupidity!

Jeffrey said...

"I must admit that I find them and the song and group quite entertaining in the absurdity and relative outrageousness."

Ye gods! This is the kind of shit that has always made embarrassed me on Japan's behalf.

Chris said...

Well done site-very interesting/informative...


(Feel free to post on our forum)


I bet he says that to all the sites ;) a post about setting children on fire and see if he drops another:

"Well done site-very interesting/informative..."


Will said...

This place does wrong the painfully kitsch way. Really need to find something to shoot myself with...there should be a box of rubber bands on top of the refrigerator that's at least half full.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Blue Shoe and Loco - Ok, nice, two good people on my side here at least in finding this one amusing ;)

Chris - C'mon Chris, you can at least find some comfort that the girls are not 13-15 and dressed in bikinis like some AKB groups which is more sickening
Oh and I usually let these spam posters be as I feel so sorry for them (there's no spamming robot with the word verfication, right?) having to manually type in this. I treat him to the one or two clicks of curiousity that he will get from the effort ;)

Will - Hope you have recovered by now, I promise to not do it again, often :)

Andrew - Well, I still think I win this hand

Kaley - Ok, nice, another one with me!

Ugh! and Jeffrey - Well, I doubt that they really rake in any money to speak of and it's made tongue-in-cheek and shouldn't be taken particularly seriously. Also, it's hardly "representative" of Japan, it's just one fringe aspect of popular culture that I find a bit amusing, the whole AKB underaged girls thing is much more embarrasing and sells tone... But, anyway, I can understand that some people won't find this funny

yuseff said...

They're quite popular, as they've already been in TV shows like Shabekuri 007 - I think they're more than minor at the moment. Maybe they'll become less major in the future - it is a fad after all.

Martin said...

Yeah, the booby girl was the best thing - not saying anything bout how crappy it still was (thank you for wasting a few seconds of my life ;-)

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