Sunday, August 21, 2011

Penis Mnemonics

A magnificent BALLE substitute
Joining a new company is a bit like joining a cult where you're the new guy who's not yet up to speed on what everything is. One particular thing in my new company is the excessive use of abbreviations and special jargong for basically everything they do (I have the feeling that in many cases they deliberately deviate from accepted industry language just to make the newbies confused).

So now I am trying to memorize about >100 different abbreviations for the products, intended use of the products, company meetings, internal titles, diseases and medical techniques as well as a host of names for ongoing projects. But what I fear most is not the hurdles I have in front of me until I get it all in my brain, no, what I fear is when I become one of "them" and forget that it's all made up and casually throw it around, forgetting the official terminology in favor of the corporate one...

However, one project has showed to quite easy to remember as the abbreviation turns out to be the same as a Swedish slang word for penis. So, at least "Project BALLE" will remain firmly in my head. I usually giggle at least a little in my head when I see it written down. 


Chris said...

I think the Japanese word for feces is like...Ben? I'd hate to be named Ben in Japan and everytime someone shouted my name it would first bring the image of human shit to mind. Or I totally got it wrong??

Mr. S. said...

Chris, I once had a friend called "Ben" in Japan, and yes he had to deal with that.

mid-Japan-crisis said...

Where do you find your pictures/illustrations?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris and Mr S. - Yep yep yep, feces indeed! Never really thought of it though, but it might have to do with me not ever knowing anyone called "Ben" here in Japan.

MJC - Mostly on the Internets ;)

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