Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Segmenting the customer and the USP (unique selling proposition)

I work as a consultant, but at heart I'm a marketer. With this blog I'm actually selling a product to you, dear reader, although I do not charge for it, nor do I receive any money from what I am doing here. My reward is some twisted form of sense of achievement when people read it and find it entertaining, disturbing or both.

When you want to market a product you think about the product and the customers you want to reach. I want to reach a certain segment of the market and make my blog popular in that segment. So what segment am I really targeting? A quick analysis of the contents in here shows that the following topics are brought up at some point or another:
* Life in Tokyo
* Japan Craziness
* Consulting
* Workplace Stupidity
* Patrick Swayze
* Serial Killers

So I want to reach the segment of the market that are interested in those subjects. There should be 2-3 worldwide I hopefully could reach.

However, something recently made me think. One person had fallen into my blog after doing a google on "male rape scenes". Maybe I am thinking the wrong way here, maybe that is a segment of the market that is untapped and has great potential? Perhaps that is the direction I should take this blog in? (The person doing the search was in Germany, which for some prejudice reason does not surprise me at all...)

I have some thinking to do now when I stake out the long-term strategic plan for this blog...


Martin said...

Scheisse! I´m going to Germany for the summer holiday. Can you tell me what region of Germany this person came from. So I can choose a heterosexual route.

Mr. Salaryman said...

I would say the most heterosexual part of Germany would be... ... ... Austria. After all, the world's most famous german came from that country and he only had one testicle to boot.

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