Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Beware...of the tooth fairy

Now, I know that it's not really right to be amused by another persons misery, especially if that person is a friend and colleague. However, I cannot really help but finding the current predicament Luke found himself in pretty funny.

Like some people sometimes have, he started having some problems with his wisdomteeth and went to the dentist to have them checked out. The dentist did what he was supposed to do, took a look and recommended to have one of them pulled. So far so good, right? Luke got a time booked for this quick little manouver and during a conversation just before this he talked about how great his dentist was and so conveniently located close to his home.

Well, the day comes, the tooth gets pulled and he comes into the office talking in that amusing way people just coming from the dentist does because of all the drugs they pump into your mouth. Luke even managed to entertain us with some fascinating tales on how it felt when they pulled out the tooth and the twisting breaking noise that was heard. A couple of days pass and we even begin to forget about this thing since more disturbing and annoying things come up instead making us pass our days at the office. Then I encounter a seriously pissed off Luke in the bathroom, telling me; "You know what Mr. Salaryman?! They pulled the wrong fucking tooth".

Turns out that the dentist had managed to miss the wisdomtooth and instead pulled out one of his, useful and in perfect condition, molars. Japan is not the paradise of lawsuits that the US is, but Luke is currently considering his options. The clinic is willing to do what it can to make up it's mistake through arranging an implant or so. However this will mean that Luke will need to go to the dentist a number of times and spend time on this in addition to the overall suffering and operations...

All this pales in the amusement of the simple fact: The dentist pulled the wrong tooth! This is what he does, he spends all days long looking into people's mouths and still he pulled the wrong tooth and now Luke has to go through another round of suffering because they couldn't do their job properly. If you think about it, it really is kinda funny.


Dentophobian said...

It seems like the dentist works a bit like some people do at your workplace? Or what do you think?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Not too far off I'm afraid... But we don't give any returns!

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