Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blown away

It's that time of season in Japan again... The rainy horrible season with extremely high humidity and lots of rain. However, when the rainy season is over, it will be replaced by the nice summer which is characterized by equally high humidity and even hotter. I hate them both equally much. But then the summer is over and the Typhoon season begins, which is characterized by plenty of typhoons and extreme degrees of humidity when they approach. I hate this slightly more than the previous two. But just so you don't forget what's in store, sometimes a typhoon decideds to pass this way just to keep us on our toes. Just this weekend a Typhoon passed along Japan and cleared out of Tokyo this morning when I was sleeping safely in my bed. Yesterday was hot, humid and rainy. Today has been hot, humid and rainy. Tomorrow looks like it will be hot, humid and rainy.

Contrary to popular belief, a normal typhoon is actually not particularly dangerous unless you are extremely unlucky and get a tree or a sign falling over you, but it is generally not a good idea to stand on ladders fixing things or deciding to go out on a little fishing trip.

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