Monday, July 16, 2007

Shaking things up

There are good things with a typhoon after all, to be more specific, the day after a typhoon has passed is usually very pleasant. The opressing humidity is completely gone and the sky is blue and clear and the sun is finally shining after one full week of rain and gray skies.

However, just earlier this morning there was a pretty heavy earthquake in Niigata on the western coast of Japan that was felt pretty strongly here in Tokyo as well. Here it felt like a pretty gentle rocking back and forth that was kinda pleasant but I guess it was much less pleasant up in the Niigata area. The same area was hit by a pretty heavy earthquake a little over one year ago.

This also reminds me of an entertaining event when I just had join my great company and The Hag was also new, basically just of the banana boat from the US. We were happily working on something when a minor earthquake hit. It was a pretty mild earthquake and the response it evoked among us Japan veterans was basically a raised eyebrow and a casual "do you feel the earthquake?". However, the Hag, as soon as she felt the earthquake jumped under her desk and sat there. When she noticed that noone else made any move to dive under their desks she looked up at me with scared bambi eyes and asked "Why are you not diving under your desks? Isn't this what you're supposed to do?". The only response I could offer was a mild "Well, yeah, but this was a really small one you know...".
I wonder if she dove under whatever desk she was near when this slightly larger quake occurred this morning...?


LIttle Mouse said...

Oh Mr Salaryman!

You seam to be a real mighty hero. May i feel your muscles?

Mr. Salaryman said...

I never claimed to be a hero, if anything I claim to be anything but a hero. I don't care if someone looks at me with bambi eyes or not!

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