Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Getting with the Convo

Most of the people in my lovely firm are quite a few years younger than me, The Boy is for instance almost 10 years my junior and we have had serious talks about me adopting him as my legal son.

One of the more challenging things in working with younger people is for me to get the hang of how young people of today talk. One of the more useful words I recently learnt must be the word "Convo". The word is used to describe conversations on messenger, especially long ones and is an abbreviation of "convoy" due to the likeness of these long lines of text and a convoy of trucks.

Remember it was here you heard it and feel free to tell everyone around you about this great new word and the original meaning of it. If anyone tells you that "convo" is not derived from "convoy" they are lying to you. Me on the other hand has no motivation at all to lie to you, why would I do that?

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