Monday, July 16, 2007

New project: Partnership Screening Project

I have noticed that this blog has suffered from a slight scope slippage, it is still not meant to be a deep personal blog but considering that some of the maddness that has been going on in work seem to have infiltrated my personal life as well some stuff might sneak it's way in here.

The fact is that Mr. Salaryman is since a few months back, now single, just out of an almost 10 year relationship.
Now, this is a both scary and exciting prospect and I quickly realized that I will need some help in managing this situation. I have gathered what I consider the crack team in the office to do a market opportunity and partnership screening project for me. The scope is quite wide and it will be a very challenging project for the team, but I am convinved that they will have some interesting findings in the end. Some of the questions that I hope to see answered are as follows:

Overall Mr. Salaryman market attractiveness - How interesting am I on the single female market, is there even a chance for me or might it just be a waste of time and energy in going out in this market. Perhaps my time can be better spent knitting or me devoting my life to the finer arts instead?

Target Segment - What segments of the market is most interesting considering my product and service offering? We are talking about age, education, nationalities and other factors that might serve to segment the single female market. I am very much looking forward to see what the team can do with this.

Channel Access - In order to access the target market segment, what kind of channels do I need to develop? These could be introductions from friends, bars, Internet or other innovative channels such as speed dating.

End-User Needs - So when I have a target in mind, how should I promote myself. Should I try and focus on my rugged handsomeness? My prestigious work? My financial assets and stability? Or it might even make more sense to try and charm prospective targets with random trivia about serial killers and/or modern and historical nazi organisations and characters?

Case Study - A case study of Mr. M will be performed, even though he has difficulties closing the deal, he has a stable channel access and studying how he developed these channels could serve as very interesting learnings that possibly could be applied to my situation.

Entry Strategy Recommendation - This will be the team's final recommendation and I am keeping all options open at this stage, I might be best served through a joint venture with another party and it could even make sense to acquire an existing Japanese competitor; take over his life and woman.

The plan has been developed and the team is actually ready to start working on this, but unfortunately real work seem to come in between all the time. I still hope that something can be done here even though it might be difficult to have a $150K type of project performed for me just because it's amusing and bizarre.

Since I happen to live in a country where the majority of women for some reason seem to be Japanese it seems likely that I will be dating Japanese ladies mostly. Believe it or not, this is something I never have done since I had an imported version previously. There might be coming some interesting dating stories in the the Japanese Oddities section later on (calm down, I said dating and not mating!).


Martin said...

Wehere is the image from? I seem to recognize it.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, that would be Leisure Suit Larry - Looking for Love in all the wrong places
An old PC game which I never really played if I should be completely honest...

J said...

I played it. Great game! But nothing beats Tomb Raider.

Martin said...

I doub´t Tomb Raider is comparable to Leisure Suit Larry. Is it?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Frankly, I find the mentioning of Tomb Raider offensive, we all know that that was a really crappy game.

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