Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are we not communicate?

The scientific event I attended recently gave me quite a few pearls of entertainment and hearing doctors communicate across borders can be amusing and sometimes borderline absurd. After a lecture when the floor is open for questions, it is not uncommon for exchanges such as this:

Japanese Doctor: (Speaking in severly broken English with a strong Japanese accent) Thank you very much for your beautiful presentation! I am Kawahara from Kyoto . I have two questions for you.

In your lecture, you mentioned that you sometimes treat patients who are suffering…um… um… from, related complications such as this and that which we often… um… um… se in Japan but I have never heard of the things you mentioned because it is not customary…um… here in Japan to treat such complications as you mentioned in your lecture through… um… the treatments you described so I was wondering whether it is normal for the patients to be suffering from these type of complications because I don’t um… think it should be usual and we need to consider many aspects when selecting the appropriate treatment for the patients, things like um… physical um… um… condition, history of illness and other such items I think, so my question to you is how do you perceive this?

American Doctor: Thank you very much for the praise, it is a pleasure for me to come here to beautiful Japan and present some of my findings. What you say is true to some degree, but you must keep in mind that the methods we use here in the United States and Europe are not as accurate as some of the methods that I have heard are available here in Japan. That said, I think that we need to keep in mind that every patient is different and from my own personal experience I have seen some cases where the patients have been overtreated. I think we have a lot to learn from each other. Did that answer your question?

Japanese Doctor: (Says nothing and sits down)

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Anonymous said...

Good on him for trying!

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