Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everyone is naked and is having sex all the time - Welcome to Sweden!

To follow up on my previous Sweden post, in addition to the welfare pornography and all the misconceptions around that, there is another image of Sweden that I regularly have been forced to correct during my time here in Japan .

This usually comes from Japanese men in their upper ‘50s and 60’s with the question of “Sweden ? That’s the country of free sex?!” accompanied by a leer. This requires me to have to explain to them that this concept of “free sex” does not mean that a Swedish girl will actually sleep with anyone; but that it means that women in Sweden can actually chose with whom to sleep. Also that the chances that they would actually chose to sleep with the person who asked the question is lower than the chances of the Swiss Navy winning a naval battle with the British Navy.

I have crushed a lot of dreams this way…


john turningpin said...

Aaaahahah! Swedish Erotica! Good God, that was huge back in the 80s. Imagine my shock at discovering that the exotically named Seka was in fact not Swedish. Actually, I just found that out 10 minutes ago on Wikipedia.

ThePenguin said...

Sweden is also the country which has criminalised customers of sex workers, is it not? Combined with stuff like horrendously horrendous beer prices means it's never particularly struck me as a place to go and have wild, no-holds barred fun.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, Swedish Erotica and the bikini team is a thing of the long past. The whole Swedish porn thing was hyped from some crappy movies in the '50s that showed a little boob.

And if you think the beer is expensive in Sweden, try Norway!

PudgyM said...

Silly you!
"Swedish Erotica" was never Swedish.
What you should have illustrated in this entry was Christina Lindberg in "Anita".
Ahhh. Does everbody feel better just looking at that? !=)>

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