Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning how to state the obvious - Business Management

These recent days I have been tied up in meetings with overseas management that has come to inspect our little Japanese subsidiary, fortunately the people in the current regional management seem a lot better than the last bunch I had to interact with (that a certain infamous Senior Vice President had been fired was the first thing I was told when I was scouted back to my company since they knew of the problems I had with that person). Basically, as far as management goes, it seemed like a huge improvement.

However, one issue I always have had with people in corporate senior management positions is the tendency to often state obvious things and make it seem like they are actually saying something very very interesting and important. What annoys me even more is when other people in the audience is nodding and looking like they are seriously thinking about what just had been told.

Some of the more groundbreaking things I have heard just in recent times are things like:

"A positive cashflow is very important"

"As a company, we have to seriously consider our investments"

"Profitability is one of the key things we in management are looking at"

"The CEO of the company doesn't know the details of local businesses"

I seriously wonder how anyone who works in a sales and marketing company that doesn't understand this gets by on a daily basis, but still they have all been said as it's very important stuff that people don't generally understand...

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