Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Careful planning is the key to success!

Wednesday next week we have a very important teleconference with management to discuss a large upcoming marketing study for a certain product and hope to have the approval to go ahead.

However, before that big meeting with the big shots, we'll have a more practical teleconference early next week with the clinical experts in head office to make sure that they agree with our plan and their feedback is incorporated into our plan.

But, before that meeting, me and the local clinical team will have a meeting tomorrow to make sure that we have the same consistent message about what we need and how things should be done.

To be safe and make sure that they give me a consistent story, the clinical team had a meeting earlier today in their group, to make sure that they are prepared for the meeting with me.

I have prepared for the meeting with the local clinical team tomorrow by printing out an e-mail I received earlier I thought could be useful to consider in our discussions. Otherwise I have been checking up on the locations of the bobbleheads in Fallout 3, something that will come in useful after work.

Always be prepared!


William said...

You should consider having a meeting about the bobbleheads as well. Some of them were a little hard to find.

ThePenguin said...

Pachydermal posterior proboscis probing is the way to go!

Mr. Salaryman said...

william - Yeah, no kidding, the one in the army place was a nightmare to find...

Penguin - Good to see you around and yes, I agree completely!

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