Friday, July 30, 2010

Caring for your husband!

I think I've mentioned this before sometime in the blog, but I'm not generally a huge consumer of blogs, the stuff I do check out is in the blog links section on the site but I don't actively go around hunting for blogs to read.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, I must admit that I find the blog of Corinne "Always leaving things unfinishe(d)" is one I discovered pretty recently and find quite amusing. Even though I've lived in Japan for many years now and am not particularly interested in general observations on life here, the life that she's living out in the countryside, under siege by the in-laws and some quite interesting relatives passing by, is quite different from the things that I experience here and quite amusing. Somehow I feel that it would make for quite an amusing sitcom.
Also, dwelwing into the comments section is another almost surreal experience since it's populated by a whole community of foreign born women married to Japanese men there trading tricks of the trade and making me feel like a trespasser.

So to her and the commenting ladies I selected today's picture as a piece of advice!


Anonymous said...

You have just given a link to the arsenal of women.
As I guy, I shall prepare well in advance against them, to maintain the tradition of man-ways that have been followed for generations.

(Of being essentially lazy, and simply lying around and fed).

We shall come up with our own cheatcodes for these.

Corinne said...

haha, thanks! Wait, my life should be a sitcom...still thanks...?
before I married a J-guy I actually had no idea the underground world of foreign women married to J-dudes existed, they're quite a funny and interesting bunch!

haha, You can prepare but you are bound to fail, annonymous!

Generic Jen B said...

Corinne!!! I, like several other readers, have a crush on your husband: he's actually quite evolved!(except when he writes lists and wants to buy bodyboards).

jlpt2kyu said...

Nothing wrong with lists, love:
- easy to understand
- can be ticked off one by one
- quick to read
- tidy

illahee said...


no, really.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Anoymous - Well, you sure can learn a lot from reading those comments on how to avoid the wrath of the women, assuming you're Japanese, otherwise it might prove quite useless

Corinne - Well, I think it would be a great sitcom! Obviously SIL would be the main comic relief!

Jen B - I loved the "WHY WHY WHY" list, actually been thinking of doing that myself to stir up the household a bit!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Salaryman, are you suggesting only the Japanese are subjected to the wrath of women??

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