Monday, July 19, 2010

Super Adventure at the used car shop!

Ok, now the Salaryman household is officially equipped with a car. You know, one of those Japanese types that basically larger in height than in length, but that's ok with me since it will be primarily be driven by Mrs. Sunshine on shorter excursions with Baby Sunshine in tow and cars rank very low among my interests.

The actual car purchasing and things weren't particularly amusing, pretty straightforward of checking out the cars and then having the Father-in-law do some price negotiating on our behalf in his very friendly Kansai-Yakuza style which always seem to scare the person on the receiving end into submission and a considerable discount to our benefit.

But that's not what is interesting, the amusing thing here was that the used car shop we picked had a great tag-line. They did not opt for something like "your number one choice for used cars" or "best price for best quality" or something similar dull-but-descriptive. No, they had picked the tagline "Super adventure & Successful Company" in English and had binders that helped you "how to choice".
Not sure really where the super adventure comes in, but the successful company must be their own humble description of themselves. In any case I'm sure there will be many super adventures for the Salaryman family with that car and if their company is, in fact, successful (which I doubt), then I guess it's a quite suitable tagline in the end!


Martin said...

If you drive alone - Hitlers ghost will appear. Wouldn´t that be adventurous enough?

Apart from Hitler and the Yakuza it was a rather cute post.

RMilner said...

Is it a K Jidosha?

brooklyn used car said...

Who is K Jidosha? i don't understand about what he meant for?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Martin - Well, at least there is some comfort in the thought that you will never have to drive alone, if nothing else Hitler's ghost will keep you company!

RMilner - Yep, I think so

BUC - To be honest, I bought a car and I don't really know that well, but it's something related to tax, but that's not really why we bought it in any case

Anonymous said...

yes, it's true. i know. i used to be a foreign salaryman too!

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