Thursday, July 29, 2010

The fire is lit - Manliness recovered thanks to the Almighty Charcoal!

As readers of my blog might remember, I recently suffered a severe blow to my male self-esteem ending up unable to light up a charcoal grill properly (post here). After hiding away the grill and trying to overcome the shame I recently decided to give it another try to see if I could overcome my difficulties performing in lighting a fire.

This time I armed myself with considerable amounts of paper, cardboard and ridiculous amounts of lighter gel, flammable cubes and other means enough to light up a medium-sized German Reichstag. Just to have something to blame, I also purchased brand charcoal in the form of 3kgs of "The Almighty Charcoal" and not the regular non-descript charcoal that I used last time. I am happy to report that I performed well this time with no awkward moments of faltering fire and need for words of encouragement!

I also noticed to my enjoyment that the Almighty Charcoal packaged has the color of the coal written on it and that the package I purchased was labeled as "Black" (see the picture). Next time, with my manliness secured, I might see if I can find any pink charcoal that I can purchase!


Corinne said...

So glad to hear you've got your manhood back, and at the reasonable price of 699 yen! Good deal!

Martin said...

Nice work. Manboy!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Corinne - Yep, 699 JPY would seem reasonable (but not a huge bargain) but this doesn't take into account the amount of money I spent on flammable liquid, cube napalm and all the other stuff... In the end it probably wasn't worth it really...

Martin - Well, better than girly-boy I guess!

aimlesswanderer said...

More accelerant = always good.

Just have a fire extinguisher handy in case you get a bit too enthusiastic. Wouldn't do to burn down the garden/house/neighbourhood after all.

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