Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crocodile sightings in lake in Nagasaki prefecture - Beware!

On the more amusing side of Japanese news, and a little break from all the baby leg-breaking news that has been going on lately, the news today featured a story on how three crocodiles has been reported being sighting in an inlake in Nagasaki Prefecture in the southern island of Kyushu.

A picture was also taken of one of the little critters (although nothing really indicates that it's actually taken at the location it's said to be from) and shown to an "expert" zoologist at a closeby zoo. His expert opinion was:
"Well, it looks like you can see an eye here and it seems like the nose is over there, so it looks like it might possibly be a crocodile but I can't really tell for sure" and then very expertly added "crocodiles are not supposed to be in this area so if it really is a crocodile it must be someone who let them loose in the lake" (somehow I have the feeling that that's basically the same thing that I could've said, with little to no expertise in the area of reptiles in general and crocodiles/alligators more specifically...).

Here's the picture for your very own insightful analysis.

Signs has been posted around the lake to warm people to be careful and the local authorities has set out on a crocodile hunting expedition setting traps loaded with tasty raw chicken. The cages were of the size to hold a small to medium sized housecat indicating that they hardly are on the hunt for giant sized killer crocs, or maybe they should since they did not yield any harvest. When interviewed the guy leading the hunt admitted:

"We don't really have any expertise at all here in Nagasaki when it comes to crocodile hunting so we might need to consult some experts for advice", to his credit, he seemed to see the humor in the situation (my advice: at least find a better expert than the one interviewed by the tv news or just pay me some money and ask me).

...I have a feeling that there will be many more crocodile sightings all across Japan now in the near future... I'm a bit torn whether to actually believe this, after all, it's not unfeasible that someone lets out his favorite pets in the lake, and thinking that it's a prank by some happy pranksters who knew the media would go for this bait.


jlpt2kyu said...

Its just Nessie on holiday, no big deal.

ThePenguin said...

I saw a crocodile hiding in the comments form of another Japan-related blog, so everyone watch o+e54y54a aaaaarrrrgggghhh +++NO CARRIER+++

aimlesswanderer said...

that looks kinda small, maybe just a fresh water croc. They should try anchoring in the middle of the lake at night and dangling chooks over the side.

If there are crocs in there, borrow a few old depth charges from the sdf, dangle the bait, and set them off when the croc goes for it.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Jlpt - Well, I think this sounds a lot more feasible than any talk about turtles that I saw in some other show!

Penguin - Wow, I might have to get some IT helpdesk person to help me find out a witty reply to that!

Aimless - Well, at least you seem to be more expert than the people who are taking care of this now, they should hire you!

aimlesswanderer said...

If only Steve Irwin was still around, this would have been a perfect, made for TV opportunity. He could stalk then wrestle the crocs in front of the cameras, thus saving Japan from a croczilla to be.

I don't know much, and I suspect 5 minutes and google could give you a better idea than the local authorities seem to have... but if they insist,n pay me lots of $ and provide a hot translator, I am ready to leave immediately!

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