Sunday, July 4, 2010

Excessive mucus secretion and how to deal with it

The latest summer cold that I am suffering from (see the post before this) has carried with it a quite large hourly loss of bodily fluids secreted through the nose. I would be curious to see how much fluid actually comes out through my currently runny nose per day, but I'm convinced that it's quite large.

Utilizing tissue paper every time I blow my nose is quite impractical since I would quickly work my way around several boxes and I instead have opted to carry around a towel around the house for nose blowing purposes (for some reason we have no lack of towels around the house...). I probably look both cool and handsome as I walk around the house with the towel nonchalantly thrown over my shoulder.

After about half a day I started having difficulties finding a dry spot on the towel to blow my nose in and the formerly white towel had started taking on some other, new and more exotic color tones in some selected areas. Being sick is nothing for the weak indeed.

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