Monday, August 2, 2010

Father in Japan, day 84 - The good days and the bad days

Little Baby Sunshine is growing larger and more intimidating by the minute, I fear that she has already understood the power of her wailing.

A Bad Day now starts off with the little one crying through the night, ensuring that I get a bare minimum of sleep before being awoken by the alarm clock. As I have breakfast she keeps crying, despite all the boobs she's getting and makes it impossible for me to catch the morning news. I get on a packed and sweaty train to the office only to be met with problems and colleagues messing stuff up, making a hundred wailing babies seem peaceful in comparison. As I get home, I'm met with the sound of baby cries which doesn't let up through dinner, bath time and bed time....

A Good Day now has Baby Sunshine sleeping most of the night, only waking up to eat a few times with some subtle crying, and as I take her to the living room for breakfast, she fires off one of those adorable baby smiles that just makes a daddy's heart melt. The train is relatively uncrowded and I might even be able to sit down a bit and am met with a peaceful office and can focus on my stuff without having to try to solve other people's problems. I get home early and am met again with a happy baby that keeps firing off those baby smiles until she falls asleep peacefully at 8pm giving me a little quality time with Mrs. Sunshine before going to sleep.

Ok, the good days are hardly "good" of Ice-Cubian proportions but I take what I can get !


aimlesswanderer said...

Just don't spoil the kid with too much attention, or there will likely be unfortunate long term consequences.

I just look at all my cousin's kids (24+ or so), and some are just feral, while others are pleasant and remarkably well behaved.

Though it is a bit of a lottery I think...

Martin said...

Threaten with the Superman spanking and everything will be fine.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Aimless - I think the best strategy is to act unpredictably; sometimes reward her and sometimes punish her without any logic to it, this will keep her on her toes!

Martin - That I will

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