Sunday, August 15, 2010

Remaking "Ghost"

The unrelenting heat here in Tokyo is not letting up and I feel that my overall wit is taking a hit, the term in Japanese is 夏バテ "Natsubate" for describing the exhaustion and tiredness that can come with summer; the heat and then combined with the aircon air.

A little while ago I saw in the news that a Japanese-Korean remake of the american movie "Ghost" is under production, the twist is apparently that instead of having the guy die and spook, in this movie it's the woman who dies. But they promised that they would have the pottery scene in if that's worth anything. As an amusing anecdote, I remember hearing or reading somewhere that the sound they use in the movie when the bad guys die and the darkness comes to take them away were baby crying layered and then slowed down - one would assume that they judged that the actual sound of baby cries would be way too scary.

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