Wednesday, August 25, 2010

夫婦生活・"Married Life" - Learning Japanese

Now, as any long time readers of my blog has realized, this is not the place to go to for any practical tips on living in Japan and/or hints on how to improve your Japanese (ok, I do admit that the occasional advice has accidentaly passed through the system though), but I guess I will make an exception this time and teach you a little Japanese.

Now, those of you who think that you are quite good at Japanese might think that you understand the word in question:


The first two characters (夫婦) mean "married couple" and the second two (生活) means "daily life/lifestyle". Put together, it would be reasonable to assume that the meaning would be "marriage life", "life as a married couple" or something similar to that.

Well, you're wrong! Ok, literally it does mean "marriage life", but in the sordid world of Japanese professional gynecology it means intercourse (e.g. "the beast with two backs", "throw a log on the fire" , "taking the skin boat to tuna town", "glaze the donut" or whatever euphemism you would prefer for sexual relations).

So with this newfound gem, next time you meet your married Japanese friends, innocently ask them in Japanese how their "Married life" is in Japanese and wink knowingly if they say that it's "a lot of fun", "tiring but fun" or something similar! Remember where you heard this first!


ThePenguin said...

This post about "dancing the three-legged two-step" appears to have put off your regular commenters.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, well, as long as you're around I won't give up faith in mankind! And see if your partner knows the term!

john turningpin said...

While you're at it, you can ask the wives if they're up for a little 夫婦関係, heh.

p/s - How're things, guys?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hej there J, good to see you around occasionaly! Never heard 夫婦関係 before, but not too difficult to figure out what it can mean in a lewd context! Maybe it can be enhanced with a "夫婦生活関係はいかがですか?”?

Fernando said...

Ok ok..."taking the skin boat to tuna town" is for me the best euphemism to date :D

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