Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Teething - Pain and Gain?

Ever since the earthquake and the whole nuclear meltdown deal, baby Sunshine has experienced a pretty significant growth spurt, crawling around all of a sudden and generally being a major nuisance, albeit a very cute one. I'm not sure if there's any connection between the disasters and the growth, but I do suspect that something either was shook loose or a burst of gamma radiation triggered a minor growth mutation.

In conjunction with this, she has also gotten into the habit of waking up for long stretches in the night, quite severely cutting into our sleeping time. One thing that I find a bit interesting though is that it's a common understanding in many countries (at least the US and Western Europe I think) that the teething process is a bit painful for the babies, although it is not perceived as such in Japan. One of our Japanese baby manuals mention it in passing saying that "in many countries it is believed that teething can be irritating and painful for the baby" and then just skips over the topic completely. Maybe there needs to be some international standardization set in place her concerning pain in babies? For the sake of humanity, we could volunteer Baby Sunshine for pain tests if required.

So, as we're trying to figure out why she's refusing to sleep these days (or as I often tell Mrs. Sunshine "have you checked in the manual?") we're confused as to whether we can claim that it's because she's teething or not without coming off as complete idiots?

(Ok, as you can understand, the whole point was more to write something that can justify me putting up this picture of Baby Sunshine and her glee in her destructive powers - if you thought the previous picture was cute, this one is bound to floor you!)


BiggerInJapan said...

that little lady is going to rule (and occasionally ruin) your life. For the next two decades. Better be prepared.

Chris said...

Start a class action lawsuit against TEPCO et all just in case and maybe the Gov can end up paying for her University. By the time she's 16sh some scientist's somewhere will be correlating something with something and maybe you can get a piece of that cake.

Of course...I hope the baby is all good but if someone can sue McDonals for spilling hot coffee on their own lap then you must be able to get somethin'

Remember it's all about the "what's in it for me" ;)

aimlesswanderer said...

At lest she's a cute disaster! Though costs you money for years.

Maybe her subconscious is kicking her growth into overdrive, as a survival mechanism? So she'll be able to run away soon?

Sarahf said...

Aw what a cutie! She's just trying to alphabetise those DVDs for you.

lina said...

My Son bites a lot when teething. May no be a problem when it's your fingers he's biting but biting while getting breast-fed - that's no fun at all!

Wait till she starts to climb. The royal mess she can make.

My Mom used to regale to all who would listen about how I'd climb out of windows (we used to live in traditional Malay style house) and jump out when I wasn't allowed to.

Edward Harris said...

I like the design that you have shown us in the image and we all know that when the baby teething problems starts it was hurts them and more saliva goes out from their mouth. It was really lovely element.

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