Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The North Korea Reports on The Quake without Fear or Favor

During this time of disaster, it's very hard to know which news to listen to, the government are always covering up the important facts, the foreign tabloid media are fear-mongers and the Japanese media does not always dig into the facts as much as they should. Sure, I tried going directly to the source to see what the World Health Organization and their updates, I've looked at the International Atomic Energy Agency's daily updates on the Fukushima plant situation and at one point I even trusted the Chief Scientific Advisor of the British Government Sir Poppers Sidebottom and his briefings. I even looked up on the Greenpeace site to get their take on the situation in Fukushima. Not to mention the countless Japanese authorities and organizations out there.

But I dunno, it feels like everyone has an agenda and can't be fully trusted. So I felt a bit lost and confused for a while until I realized that I should go directly to the people that never resort to hyperbole, who always provide calm and reasonable facts in difficult times; the North Korean State News Agency! , They have a dedicated area of their brilliant International News site dedicated to the events following the great Tohoku quake and I finally feel that I can get a balanced and realistic view of the situation without any hidden agenda. I do recommend you to read up on it all yourself to get educated, but I can share some highlights that I have picked up from it:

  • One earthquake was specifically noted to have taken place underground

  • Four of the nuclear reactors in Fukushima went into complete meltdown two weeks ago

  • Drinking water in Tokyo has gone up in price tenfold (strange that I haven't noticed this myself)

  • They support Ozawa (no surprise there, I always suspected it) in his honest and fair harsh criticism of the Japanese government

  • Civil unrest is growing all across the nation

  • General Secretary Kim Jong Il sent out of his loving care relief fund and donated $100,000 to the Japanese Red Cross (?!) and at a value of $500,000 to regime friendly Korean associations in Japan

  • Prime Minister Naoto Kan advised the people across the country not to eat "all leafy vegetables" cultivated in the Fukushima Region

...and so much more valuable information that other media has not given any real information to. This is really the truth without any dirty political agenda to it and I will eagerly follow any updates, lapping up any information that the Great Leader kindly shares with us here in the militaristic and aggressive nation of Japan. They do have big hearts full of forgiveness indeed!


Chris said...

To be honest.
The North Koreans seem to be about as close to the truth as everyone else.

Not very.

It'll take years for everyone to know the true scope of this disaster. If history of Governments is any guideline then we are looking at the tip of an iceberg in more ways than we even know.

There are reasons (I imagine) why radioactive water is never pumped directly into the ocean before treatment....right?

They are just now asking for that Russian ship?

You wanna see what a fucked up unstable government looks like?
(They were that way before all this)

Fernando said...

Hehehe the "sweet and tender" NK. I love how they NEVER exagerate anything and always give the strong and neutral information. So truth on how the nuclear reactor went into full meltdown!

BTW...that picture you used is so wrong in so many levels! What the douce is a kid doing with an AK47 in his lap?!

Generic Jen B said...

I like the CNIC but it doesn't make for reassuring reading. I'm more worried about quakes really. Denial is tempting...

BiggerInJapan said...

sitting at the Dear Leader's lap, I dunno man, but it makes me feel sooo relaxed.

(now why is the word verification for this comment "desslap"??)

RMilner said...

North Korea is Best Korea.

Blue Shoe said...

The Eternal President is infinitely generous and wise.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - Yeah, I mean, I do carry with me a chronic distrust of anything and everything a government tells you regarding a crisis situation, but for this particular situation I have actually basically trusted most (although not all) of the information... I'll explain in a post that I've had in my mind for quite some time when I get around to it, but it's got to do with Otaku's!

Fernando - I do find it interesting though that they do such a neutral take on it - this would be their chance to either reach out or kick Japan when it's down, instead it actually looks like they're trying (and failing) to report quite neutrally and factually

Jen B - To be honest, I'm not so sure on the CNIC, I've just checked a bit and they seem to be a bit sloppy with sources making me question them a little bit, but in any case quakes are justifiably the thing to fear, but that's just how Japan is made on fault lines and all...

BiJ - The lap is the place to be!

RMilner - Indeed!

Blue Shoe - He is indeed and I am looking forward to more and newer propaganda with the new fat kid in it!

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